Wireless Microphone System Audio Video Voice Recording

Wireless Lavalier Microphone System Audio Video Voice Recording

A wireless microphone system is a device that allows you to transmit audio wirelessly from a microphone to a receiver, which can then be connected to a recording device or an audio system.

A wireless microphone system can be used for a variety of applications, such as live performances, presentations, video production, and voice recording. They can be especially useful in situations where a wired microphone would be cumbersome or impractical, such as in a stage performance or during a video shoot.

A wireless microphone system typically includes a transmitter, which is attached to the microphone, and a receiver, which connects to the recording or audio system. The transmitter and receiver communicate with each other using radio frequencies (RF) and may have different frequency bands such as VHF or UHF. The system may also have different range of transmission, some may have a short range for indoor use and others may have a longer range for outdoor use.

The system may come with different types of microphone such as handheld, lavalier or headset, and it may also come with additional features such as frequency diversity, channel scan, and mute switch.

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